Stable precision.

Our timing software for kart centers has been made to fit the highest demands in performance and reliability. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crowded week or 24h racing, high-quality lap times are guaranteed!

The SMS-Timing software can be used with any timing hardware available on the market, and moreover, you can control everything related to your timing.

This stable and fully compatible software gives you precise times to serve not only recreational drivers but also the more demanding and professional drivers. At the end of the race, you can automatically send your clients their own race results.

Give it a try and you will love it.


Switch drivers to loyal members.

Reward your customers for their loyalty by giving them something special.

If you want occasional drivers to become dedicated members you have to make them feel like they will become part of a privileged club. A race license should come with some attractive advantages.

But this is just the beginning.

You can create a unique promotion plan for your drivers based on their racing history at your kart center. This will motivate all your drivers to race more, gather points, money or any other form of loyalty gains.



Engaging registration. Anywhere.

Built to bring fun from the beginning.

With SMS-Timing Kiosk software the experience for your customers at your kart center starts at the moment of registration. This is the best and most popular way to register and, it can be used with touch screens to make the experience even more convenient and fun. It has been purposely designed to give your place a stunning first impression and fit your brand look and feel.

This first impression is important as it is a first step to engaging drivers as loyal clients and to creating your future database.


Book and sell.

This is the place where your cash starts to flow.

Booking sessions. Manage the races. Sell products. Easier and faster than ever before.

Our booking software is designed to help you work with your daily sales, track your storage, add products and anything else you want to sell. It can be fully customized to the needs of your shop or kitchen. Not to mention the track itself.

We made an interface so easy to use that anyone can use it. 




E-mailing service.

Sometimes an e-mail is the only way to contact drivers after the race.

We should never underestimate the power of delivering a highly personalized and relevant message to our clients, because it’s one of the most powerful tools to boost your ROI. It can be a birthday e-mail, or just a simple reminder about an upcoming event in your kart center.

Automatically, at a specific time and date, or any time you want, you choose the best time to contact your customers.

Using our expertise, we will help you choose the right strategy as well as preparing the right content, design and sharing some ideas to get the best result.


Your track in your drivers’ pocket.

Activity Box is a uniquely beneficial mobile app for drivers to gather racing points, access their race results and activity history on your rental kart track.

They can share their memories and moments on any social media available, which is a great free tool to build additional and relevant audiences for you.

More than that, they can register, be assigned to a specific race and pay online from wherever they are. All through a couple of taps on their phone.

Use it as a mobile racing license, loyalty program and a messaging system. It’s a great way to stay connected to your drivers as they take you with them in their pocket.



Busy people need fast services.

We are all living in the era of fast shopping and online service.

Don’t be left behind.

Online Booking gives your clients the possibility to book, choose the estimate time of arrival and pay for the session all from the comfort of their homes.

When clients have booked and paid in advance they are less likely to make last minute changes to those plans and your drivers don’t have to register at the center anymore which is a win win for the both of you during busy moments.


Many tracks – one database.

Expanding your business has never been easier.

In fact, it’s not that hard to maintain, if it’s all in one place.

And that’s what we offer with our Multisync software. With it, you will be able to have real-time data available in all of your tracks, with more accurate and insightful analytics, and giving the opportunity to build any kind of report you want, including crossing data between all your tracks.

That crossing of data allows you to understand more about your clients and their behaviour and improve your overall performance and income.

With SMS-Timing Multisync, all your tracks can be connected together and controlled with one database.


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