Karting of tomorrow Today 

I-Karter is a groundbreaking development in karting software. By using a positioning system and highly developed software, the position of every individual GoKart on the track is monitored continuously. Given this advantage, the possibilities in safety, training, entertainment and gaming features are virtually endless.

How Does it Work?

Virtual participation
Spectators -or those in a group that are reluctant to race on the track- can sit down behind a game screen, and virtually race themselves. They can even do so simultaneously in a running race, so they can be part of the fun on the track in real time! I-Karter offers racing fun from anywhere in the world on your phone, tablet or computer. Log in and virtually race on the track of your choice. You can also do so in a running race, and be part of the fun on the track in real time.

Re-race your heat
You want to improve your racing skills? Log in to your personal online page and download a kartheat of your choice, that you raced earlier. Then virtually race it again with yourself as your “ghost opponent”.

Follow the race
I-Karter also offers an enhanced array of data for the spectator. A virtual layout of the track is on display, so you can see every participant, both virtual and real, in real-time as their dot moves along the track. You can follow the racers and their achievements as they race their laps! It will display live streams of the race in progress as well. Difficult to recognize the racers because of those helmets? I-Karter provides race info above the racer. His or her name, and for example position and laptime. Virtual reality has come to racing!

I-Karter brings real racing challenges on the track and those on a game screen together. Share your race on Facebook with your friends and challenge them to improve your time. Invite them to virtually participate when you are racing on the track. Or the other way round.

Race on every I-Karter track in the world
As we roll out I-Karter to more leisure centres, you will be able to virtually race and participate on their tracks. Expand your racing horizon… Build your own leagues with opponents from anywhere in the world.

Unprecedented Feedback and Insight

This isn’t just for lap-times! Racers get insight in racing lines, braking points and race pace. Where did you lose or gain time to the competition? It’s like having your own race coach…

Unprecedented Feedback 

Safety and Timing

Safety and Timing System for Karts

When a kart crashes or malfunctions on the track, the positioning system immediately detects this and can slow down the other karts automatically when equipped with a responder. The positioning system can also detect the lap times on different sections of the track, resulting in more valuable feedback.

Driving Education

Based on the position of the karts, with additional lights, the system can show the ideal racing line to the racer in real time.

Driving Education