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Gas Power

Our electric engine kit is one of the best in the market offering a 30 second battery swap, which allows a non-stop use of the Go Kart. Piquet Kart provides Go Kart customization in order to meet individual track and performance needs as well as visual adaptation of the chassis.

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Engine Packages

Available Engine Packages

  • Honda GX 200
  • Honda GX 270
  • Honda GX 390
  • Briggs and Stratton s 420

Safety and Components

  • Piquet chassis in special alloy super Silent
  • Exhaust system.
  • Belt Driven
  • 8.5L Center tank
  • 8.5L side tank
  • Triple-tube safety frame
  • Plastic Vacuum formed seat

Safety in the build

Quality Components 

Quality Components 

  • Hydraulic brakes with pressure equalizing system
  • Flat top steering wheel
  • 17 mm stub axle
  • Heavy duty bodywork
  • Customized decal kit
  • MG Tires

CRG Rental Kart Line

CRG has in its DNA the segment of rental kartsThe attention to this kind of products has created innovative and brilliant solutionsThe rental karts must give adrenalinebut first of all they must ensure safety to guide themAnd CRG knows it. Very well.


Centurion Senior

The Centurion Senior is a top-line “keys in hand” product with a very competitive price. Engineered specifically for the rental market, with safety and reliability as its main features, it also has excellent racing qualities. 

Available with Honda GX270 or Honda GX390 engine

Choose how much power to offer to your customers! The CRG Centurion Senior stock 270 cc engine can be replaced with the optional 390 cc model with electric starter.

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CRG engineered the Centurion 2-Seater with a precise goal in mind: to combine the maximum safety standards with the greatest simplicity and the lightest weight possible. Mission accomplished!

Thrills times two

The Centurion 2-Seater is a product that every rental kart track should offer, since it allows young children to get a first exposure to karting from the passenger seat, having the same fun, while being totally safe. In fact, the second seat is shaped exactly like the driver’s seat, with the addition of a safety belt, and comes complete with a fixed steering wheel for extra risk-free entertainment.

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The Centurion Mini represents CRG’s ambition to reconcile two apparently opposing features: safety and performance. While a whole set of solutions, developed specifically for rental needs, ensure top protection, the Honda GX120 engine guarantees high-adrenaline fun.

Roll-bar and four-point seat belts

For CRG, safety is not an option, it’s a must. This is true for all products and especially for the model made for the youngest drivers (ages 7-12). In fact, the Centurion Mini is equipped with a fixed seat integrated into the chassis and a roll-bar with four-point seat belts.

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Centurion Big Foot 

Rental kart tracks that hope to attract a large volume of customers should be equipped with a fleet that can welcome all kinds of drivers. The Big Foot was created with precisely this principle in mind.

Big-size fun!

With its XL seat, the Big Foot model makes the Centurion rental line complete for plus-size drivers! Extra comfort is guaranteed by the seat’s high-grip soft-feel liner, which keeps the driver from sliding while driving.

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