Gas Power

Our electric engine kit is one of the best in the market offering a 30 second battery swap, which allows a non-stop use of the Go Kart. Piquet Kart provides Go Kart customization in order to meet individual track and performance needs as well as visual adaptation of the chassis.

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Engine Packages

Available Engine Packages

  • Honda GX 200
  • Honda GX 270
  • Honda GX 390
  • Briggs and Stratton s 420

Safety and Components

  • Piquet chassis in special alloy super Silent
  • Exhaust system.
  • Belt Driven
  • 8.5L Center tank
  • 8.5L side tank
  • Triple-tube safety frame
  • Plastic Vacuum formed seat

Safety in the build

Quality Components 

Quality Components 

  • Hydraulic brakes with pressure equalizing system
  • Flat top steering wheel
  • 17 mm stub axle
  • Heavy duty bodywork
  • Customized decal kit
  • MG Tires