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Electric Power 

Our electric engine kit is one of the best in the market offering a 30 second battery swap, which allows a non-stop use of the Go Kart. Piquet Kart provides Go Kart customization in order to meet individual track and performance needs as well as visual adaptation of the chassis.

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Electric Power

PMAC 15kW (Adult), 10kW (Jr) brushless motor with air cooling
OC to AC 48V 310A (Adult), 270A (Jr) controller with air cooling
48V battery system 20Ah/ 150A (6.5 / 8.5 kg)

Racing Time & Charging

With 20Ah batt. 20-25 min (Adult), 30-35 min (Jr) (max. power)
With 35Ah 25-30 min (max. power)
Battery replacement time 30 seconds (air cooling)
Quick Swap System Replacement in less than 30 seconds
Fast charging 30 min (1.8kW charger)
Standard charging 60-90 min (1.0kW charger)

Fast Charging

Electric Power

Speed & Acceleration

Max. speed adjustable up to 95 km/h (limited)

Acceleration from 0-60 km/h 3.5s (Adult), 4.0s (Jr)

Max. RPM 5000 / max. torque 30 Nm (Adult), 25 Nm (Jr)




F1-style steering wheel

The high-tech content of the E-drenaline jumps out at first sight in its racing-inspired multifunctional steering wheel. Besides allowing drivers to monitor “vital” data like battery life and power use, the digital control panel includes the extra boost button and the pedal adjustment control.

Body Protection CRG

Maximum protection. Always!

Like every model in the Centurion line of the R2R Program, the E-drenaline is equipped with a full-body differentiated impact absorption protection system. Find out more

Adjustable Seat CRG

Adjustable seat

The handle below the seat allows all drivers to find the perfect driving position.

Brake System CRG

Mixed brake system: mechanical and electric

On the front end, the E-drenaline features a classic pedal-activated disc brake system, while on the rear it brakes thanks to its electric engine, which during deceleration functions like a battery-charging generator.


Electric vehicles have gone from making noise as trendy innovations to demanding serious attention as the way of the future. This is true also in the rental kart world. This is why CRG decided to integrate its Centurion line with an electric product that is nothing short of… revolutionary!


molybdenum, 32 mm diameter tubing


two solid half-axles, 30 mm diameter

Brake system

rear electric braking, front pedal-controlled assembly with self-adjusting floating disc and gas shut-off function

Steering assembly

with cardan joint and aluminum tie rods




led stop light


two 48V lithium battery packs

Energy recovery system

rear axle activated while braking


belt-drive with anti-tear pulley


twin electrical engines (each 2.4 Kw nom – 6 Kw max)


electronic detection system

Control panel

digital, with LED lighting

Rear tyres

Vega / Dunlop

Front tyres

Vega / Dunlop

Bumper kit

differentiated impact absorption


with CRG racing stickers


adjustable by way of spindle pin eccentrics