Electric Power 

Our electric engine kit is one of the best in the market offering a 30 second battery swap, which allows a non-stop use of the Go Kart. Piquet Kart provides Go Kart customization in order to meet individual track and performance needs as well as visual adaptation of the chassis.

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Electric Power

PMAC 15kW (Adult), 10kW (Jr) brushless motor with air cooling
OC to AC 48V 310A (Adult), 270A (Jr) controller with air cooling
48V battery system 20Ah/ 150A (6.5 / 8.5 kg)

Racing Time & Charging

With 20Ah batt. 20-25 min (Adult), 30-35 min (Jr) (max. power)
With 35Ah 25-30 min (max. power)
Battery replacement time 30 seconds (air cooling)
Quick Swap System Replacement in less than 30 seconds
Fast charging 30 min (1.8kW charger)
Standard charging 60-90 min (1.0kW charger)

Fast Charging

Electric Power

Speed & Acceleration

Max. speed adjustable up to 95 km/h (limited)

Acceleration from 0-60 km/h 3.5s (Adult), 4.0s (Jr)

Max. RPM 5000 / max. torque 30 Nm (Adult), 25 Nm (Jr)